1. Super funds are measured against eight requirements.
  2. If a super fund meets six of the eight criteria, it is deemed to be an ethical super fund.
  3. If there is no publicly available information for a super fund, it would fail all eight criteria and therefore would not be considered an ethical super fund.

Super Funds

  1. There are over 500 super fund options available in the market.
  2. Many of the larger super funds have multiple investment options within them taking the total number of super fund products well into the 1000s.
  3. For funds that offer multiple products, we first look for an ethical/sustainable/green option.
  4. If such an option isn’t available, we look for the default/popular option.
  5. We will continue to build our database of super fund products with the goals being to include all super fund products.

Sources of information

  1. All information is sourced from publicly available information on the super fund’s website.
  2. We will add supplementary information provided directly by a super fund.
  3. We don’t ask for/request/solicit information from any super fund.